Inflatable Kayaks

Blue Wave and Lifetime are the most prominent and leading manufacturers of high-quality products. Now, they have both expanded into the industry of compact inflatable kayaks making travel much easier without the need for a truck, trailer or car rack to transport your kayaks. If you are on the search to have your own kayak, we are very pleased to flaunt our line of Blue Wave and Lifetime Inflatable Kayaks! These kayaks are generally lightweight, more affordable, more robust, and easier to use than other types of kayaks and this is widely used during beach escapades. Beginners will have a quicker knowledge of how to control and direct inflatable kayaks with a paddle and they are simpler to re-board after being capsized. Start your water adventures with our Blue Wave and Lifetime Inflatable Kayaks today and save! + FREE Fast Shipping!

Inflatable Kayaks 

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Blue Wave Manta Ray 12' Stand-Up Inflatable...

The ultimate fitness machine! The Blue Wave 12’ Manta Ray inflatable Stand-Up Paddleboard is the ultimate all-round board, perfect for flat-water adventures, cruising with friends or recreational and fitness paddling.

$589.95 $719.95
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Blue Wave Stingray 11' Stand-Up Inflatable...

Just add water - Ready for fun right out of the box! Whether you’re exploring your favorite lake or surfing waves at the beach the Blue Wave 11’ Stingray Stand-Up Paddleboard is up for the task.

$549.95 $669.95
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Lifetime Tidal Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard -...

Lifetime's newest addition to watersports is the inflatable Tidal Paddleboard and is perfect for all ages and skill levels. 

$699.95 $1,049.95
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Blue Wave Nomad 1 Person Inflatable Kayak (RL3601)

The Nomad is a lightweight, durable inflatable kayak that is perfect for enjoying lakes, rivers or streams. Its removable, heavy-duty fabric seat creates a secure comfortable ride even in the roughest of waters.

$199.95 $299.95
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Blue Wave Stingray 10' Stand-Up Inflatable...

Just add water - Ready for fun right out of the box! The Blue Wave 10’ Stingray inflatable Stand-Up Paddleboard is a perfect all-around board for riders up to 220 lbs.

$499.95 $599.95
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