Whenever you attend an orientation at your school's gymnasium, does it ever bother you that the accommodation sometimes is kinda sloppy especially when it comes to the cooling system? Of course yes! Who doesn't right? Now, for factory or industrial workers, are you fine with doing your work-related task while your sweat is dripping from all over your body nonstop because there is not a good ventilation system? Hell NO! That is why KitSuperStore is here for you! To all company owners, factory managers, school supervisors, and any individuals out there that want the best industrial or commercial fans for your large spaced accommodation area, shop Big Ass Fans here now and experience the difference! Lowest Prices + FREE Fast Shipping on All Orders just for you!


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Big Ass Fans Cool-Space 500 Evaporative Cooler Fan...

Provide the best working space for your workers using the Big Ass Fans Cool-Space 500 Evaporative Cooler! This high powered industrial fan is a combination of a powerful, quiet direct-drive fan technology with a water supply and saturated cooling medium that lowers the air temperature of your space by up to 33 degrees. For more details, please contact us...

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