Kayak 3-Pack Scupper Plugs (1063307)

Kayak 3-Pack Scupper Plugs (1063307)

Get a 3 pack set of kayak scupper plugs--one size fits all. Simply compress the plug and push into drain hole where it will expand to form a watertight seal.
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Kayak 3-Pack Scupper Plugs (1063307)

Lifetime kayaks are designed with drain holes in the bottom so that when water splashes in while paddling it can quickly drain right out. But if you're carrying a heavier load, kayak scupper plugs will keep the water from seeping in if the kayak sinks beneath the water line. Just compress the foam rubber plug and push it into the drain hole where it will expand to form a watertight seal. This unique design even allows you to use these scupper plugs in an emergency if an accidental puncture in your kayak occurs. Each plug is 1.625" in diameter with a 1.5" height. This is a 3 plug pack.


Model Number: 1063307
Quantity: 3 plugs
Style : One size fits all
Color : Black
Material of Construction:  Foam Rubber

Kayak 3-Pack Scupper Plugs (1063307) - Best plugs for your Kayak.

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Kayak 3-Pack Scupper Plugs (1063307)
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