Rubber Mulch Ocean Blue (1 ton)

Rubber tires have gone from being an environmental problem to the ideal surfacing for playgrounds. Recycled tires exceed other common playground surfacing when it comes to safety and low maintenance. You’ll enjoy the variety of color options available, like this fun ocean blue rubber mulch.Order 2 or more tons and save $50 per ton! (Color shown varies with computer monitors)

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Recycled tires are becoming a popular playground surfacing material in playgrounds and backyards everywhere because it ranks higher in shock absorption than wood chips, sand, or gravel. Other significant benefits include the fact that, unlike wood chips, recycled tires are quick drying and therefore do not retain the moisture that attracts insects. Laying down landscape fabric before installing the surfacing will prevent mud from mixing in, thereby providing a clean playground surface for children. With this type of recycled surfacing, you also have a variety of color options to compliment your playground equipment. This ocean blue rubber surfacing will compliment the popular primary colors playsets found in many playgrounds and backyards. This material is delivered in individual bags for easier transportation and installation. Usually ships in 2-3 weeks.

Fall height in feet in which a life threatening head injury would not be expected
MaterialMaterial Depth (uncompressed)
6 inches9 inches12 inches

We recommend using sufficient material for an 11 ft. Fall Height.

This information has been extracted from the CPSC publications Playground Surfacing—Technical Information Guide and Handbook for Public Playground Safety. Copies of these reports can be obtained by sending a postcard to the: Office of Public Affairs, U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, Washington, D.C. 20207 or call their hotline: 1-800-638-2772.

1This data is from tests conducted by independent testing laboratories on a 6 inch depth of uncompressed shredded tire samples produced by four manufacturers. It is recommended that persons seeking to install shredded tires as a protective surface request test data from the supplier showing the critical height of the material when it was tested in accordance with ASTM F1292.

Model Number 1052784
Quantity 1 ton
Color Ocean Blue
Material Recycled rubber tires, nontoxic, 99.9 percent free of all contaminants such as traces of nylon or steel tire threads
Coverage 300 sq.ft. (27.87 square meters) at 3 in. (7.6 cm) deep for a 5 ft. (1.52 m) fall height, 150 sq. ft. (13.9 square meters) at 6 in. (15.2 cm) deep for a 12 ft. (3.6 m) fall height
Color Life Expectancy 5 to 8 yrs


Double shredded bark mulch 6 ft 10 ft 11 ft
Wood chips 6 ft 7 ft 12 ft
Fine sand 5 ft 5 ft 9 ft
Fine gravel 6 ft 7 ft 10 ft
Shredded tires1 10 ft n/a n/a

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Rubber Mulch Ocean Blue (1 ton)
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