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ShelterLogic Scotch Tough Duct Tape - Transparent (10510)

ShelterLogic Scotch Tough Duct Tape - Transparent (10510)

To maintain and keep your covers usable despite some damages, you can definitely use the ShelterLogic Scotch Tough Transparent Duct Tape! Having this duct tape ready on your storage will keep those damages incurred to your polyethylene covers by nature in check. For more details, please contact us at 888-609-5487!
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ShelterLogic Scotch Tough Duct Tape - Transparent (10510)

If you have an existing ShelterLogic Polyethylene Cover, you really need to be prepared for the harsh weather conditions they can face outdoors. Our covers can really take a blow if we leave them unattended, so if you will come across a torn cover, having the ShelterLogic Scotch Tough Transparent Duct Tape will definitely come in handy! This duct tape can repair holes and tears up to 3 in. long in all ShelterLogic Polyethylene Covers. The transparency of this duct tape really helps to do virtually invisible repairs which will not affect the overall appearance of your covers. ShelterLogic made sure that this duct tape has been tested and proven for durability on their PE covers through extreme winter and summer temperatures which will severely impact the integrity of a polyethylene cover. It is UV and water-resistant and is even very flexible and easy to unwind for simple repairs. To do repairs using this duct tape, simply clean your cover with rubbing alcohol, let it dry and you're good to apply the tape. A trick for the strongest repair is to apply duct tape on both sides of the affected area. The ShelterLogic Scotch Tough Transparent Duct Tape is a registered trademark of 3M.


  • More durable, less visible  - ideal when appearance matters
  • Transparent for virtually invisible repairs
  • Water and UV-resistant
  • Strong adhesion and holding power for durable repairs
  • Conformable for tight, long-lasting hold
  • Easy unwind and hand tearing
  • Lasts longer outdoors than other tapes
  • Water-resistant and waterproof

Color: Translucent
Cover Color: Translucent
Frame Material: Steel  
Assembled Exterior Dimensions: 1.88"W x 720"D x 0.05"H
Ship Method: Parcel