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Cargo Ramps

Having a business that needs hauling of big and bulky cargo can really be a pain if you are on a tight budget. If you have an existing car or truck that is suited for this kind of need, you can add KitSuperStore's Cargo Ramps to provide yourself hassle-free access to your truck bed! With a cargo ramp of your own, you can easily extend your vehicle's deck instead of just sliding it out. With a simple utilization of a ramp system located under the deck, you are ready to load your large cargo! This Cargo Ramps can also be used when you buy new furniture or equipment for your home. KitSuperStore offers you the lowest prices + FREE Fast Shipping on all orders! Note: Please make sure to check if your car is compatible with the Cargo Ramp.

Cargo Ramps

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Cargo Ease Cargo Ramp 1800 Series Bed Slide (CE9548CCR) Cargo Ease Cargo Ramp 1800 Series Bed Slide (CE9548CCR)
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Cargo Ease Cargo Ramp 1800 Series Bed Slide (CE9548CCR)

If you're looking for the ultimate two-in-one product you've found it. Cargo Ease cargo ramp is not your ordinary truck bed cargo slide; it also includes loading ramps that are located underneath the cargo slide in a storage drawer. This heavy duty product can handle 1,800 pounds of weight with up to 70% extension.
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