Power outage at home or at travels can pop anytime and anywhere that is why it is really important to bring your own safety kit to be always prepared. Have your emergency kit packed with your very own Flashlight from KitSuperStore and free yourself from worries during a power outage! With a flashlight on hand, it can provide you light in darkness whether it's finding the right key for your car, looking for something under the sofa, or bed, hiking at night, and especially when you are in the midst of a blackout. You can also use this as self-defense by shining the light in their eyes. This way you can prevent fighting and even flee in no time since that they will be blinded for a few seconds. With KitSuperStore's lowest prices + FREE Fast Shipping, you can definitely have the best Flashlight in store for you! 


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NOCO Company ChargeLight LED Flashlight + USB...

ChargeLight is a compact, yet powerful LED flashlight portable power bank with an integrated Samsung® lithium-ion battery for recharging your devices on the go.

$69.95 $79.95
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NOCO Company 250 Lumen Waterproof LED Flashlight and...

The XGB3L is an ultra-compact and bright tactical grade rechargeable lithium LED flashlight rated at 250 lumens.

$49.95 $59.95
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