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Frame It All – Simple Modular Gardens.  The gardens that grow with you.   Frame It All 4ft. x 8in. x 1in. White Curved Composite Boards are the basic building blocks of your raised garden bed design

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The Lifetime 50 gallon garden composter is designed with a black double-walled polyethylene plastic tumbler set onto a galvanized steel frame. Internal aeration bar provides airflow and aids in mixing contents. Save money on expensive fertilizers by making your own compost from organic kitchen peelings and yard clippings.

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New and improved Lifetime 65 gal. composter is designed with a larger aeration tube to speed up the cooking time of your compost. Constructed from heavy-duty polyethylene plastic with a sturdy metal frame and extra-large removable lid for easy filling and dumping.

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Create your own nourishing organic soil in your vegetable garden and flowerbeds with a Lifetime Composter. Constructed of lightweight black polyethylene plastic with a galvanized steel base. Designed with an extra large removable lid for easy access for loading and dumping. Composting DVD included!

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Cut composting time in half with the Lifetime Dual Composter. This dual composter features two 50 gallon tumblers which allow for continuous composting. Now you can let the batch of compost in the first tumbler process while you add fresh ingredients to the batch in your second tumbler.

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