5-Foot Wide Sheds 

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Sized to hold up to a 1/2 cord of wood, the ShelterLogic Firewood Seasonong Shed, 5 x 3.5 x 5 ft, is designed to create burnable wood fast. This innovative patent pending product creates dry, seasoned wood for efficient burns 2x faster than open air drying. Drying times are dependend upon geography and seasons.

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Get the compact storage space you need anywhere in your yard with the 5'x4' Brentwood steel storage building from Arrow.    

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Electro Galvanized Steel for corrosion resistance 5’ x 4’ (1,5 x 1,2m) footprint size perfect for smaller spaces Low gable with reinforced steel roof Sliding door for easy entry and exit Appealing two tone aesthetics in Eggshell & Coffee to complement home exteriors DIY assembly with pre-cut and pre-drilled parts 10 year limited warranty

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Globel’s horizontal metal storage shed is an ideal solution for keeping trash and recycling bins out of sight or for storing lawn, garden, and patio supplies.

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In the same design as Cologne and Dresden, the high-quality wood optics of the Kiel models further enhance your device house.

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A multi-purpose horizontal storage shelter that's ideal for refuse and recycling bins, small garden tools and supplies, outdoor gear, and more!

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