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Crossover 60" Portable Table Tennis Ping Pong (NG2305P)

The Crossover table set was specifically designed for smaller spaces and portability

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Carmelli Quick Set Table Tennis Ping Pong Conversion...

Add another element of fun to your pool room instantly; the competition never ends with this durable regulation size table tennis conversion top. Constructed from “CARB" certified ½" thick MDF material coated with a PVC laminate to ensure consistent play and protect from warping.

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Carmelli Accelerator 4-In-1 Multi Game Table (NG1016M)

This Accelerator tables dry erase board surface doubles as a desk or craft area - a real motivator for kids to complete their homework so they can enjoy one of the 3 table games; air hockey, table tennis or basketball

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Carmelli Reflex 6ft. Mid-Sized Table Tennis Table...

The mid-size Reflex Table Tennis set fits in many game rooms where a larger table won't. But, don't let size fool you. There is no shortage of competitive fun with this table tennis set. It may be slightly smaller than a regulation table, but that only makes each game faster and more challenging.

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Bounce Back Table Tennis Ping Pong Table (NG2325B)

This fast-paced game will get your whole family off the couch and into the action. Whether you have a little space or a large space, the versatility of this table will allow you to bring the fun and friendly competition of table tennis into your home.

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Back Stop Table Tennis Ping Pong Table (NG2310P3)

Have a blast with the Carmelli™ Back Stop Table Tennis Table. Built with strong 1 .5" powder coated steel legs - extremely stable and easy to play on.

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Victory Professional Grade Table Tennis Ping Pong...

For those who want to play on the best, Carmelli™ brings you our top of the line table. This high quality table is designed to meet the rigorous standards of the INTERNATIONAL TABLE TENNIS FEDERATION (ITTF).

$589.95 $699.95
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Maverick 7 Ft. Pool Table W/ Table Tennis Ping Pong...

Top Quality Billiards Table Has The Extra Bonus Of Table Tennis - All At This Great Price!

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Contender Outdoor Table Tennis Ping Pong Set (NG2336P)

The Contender outdoor table tennis set was designed for outdoor use - highly durable, even against extreme temperatures changes or exposure to moisture

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