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Find swimming poolside showers great for rinsing off before or after swimming. We also offer water fountains to enhance your pools look. Free Shipping on all orders!

Showers & Fountains 

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Blue Wave Poolside Solar Shower with Base (NU1625)

This solar shower provides a convenient way to rid swimmers of pool chemicals after a dip in the pool, but is also gentle enough to present anyone with a refreshing rinse of solar heated warm water at all times of the day.

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Blue Wave Outdoor Solar Shower With Base (NU1620)

Enjoy a refreshing shower outdoors in sun-warmed water before and after your swim.

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Blue Wave Color Changing Led Fountain (NA4440)

This mesmerizing display of lights works on water pressure alone – no batteries required! Installs quickly onto pool's return fitting without any tools. 

$69.95 $104.95
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Blue Wave Blossom Floating 3-Tier Fountain (NT400)

This unique 3-tier fountain from Blue Wave Products will add a lovely display of cascading water to your swimming pool. FREE Fast Shipping!

$56.95 $85.95
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