Desk Riser

Use our desk risers to elevate your desk and stand up while you work. This improves posture, helps you stretch and is good for your health! Free Shipping on all orders!

Desk Riser 

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Unique Furniture Workpad Height Adjustable Laptop...

The Workpad is a Height Adjustable Mobile Laptop Desk which offers a unique, simplistic, yet contemporary design. You are able to move from a sitting to a standing position with ease, which makes it great for your home, office, dorm or workspace.

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Unique Furniture Stand Up Desk Height Adjustable &...

This height adjustable sit stand desk has a large surface to work, play or read upon. Simply place the desk next to your office chair or sofa to work comfortably either sitting or standing. This desk comes with a handy wire storage shelf fixed to the underside of the desktop that can store your items when they are not needed. 

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