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EZ-Fit 5x8 Chicken Coop (ez_chickencoop58)
EZ-Fit 5x8 Chicken Coop (ez_chickencoop58)

EZ-Fit 5x8 Chicken Coop (ez_chickencoop58)

Do you want more eggs to harvest from your chickens? Our EZ-Fit Chicken coop is perfect for you. It is better for chickens to have a place where they can produce fresh eggs. This coop can handle 18-22 chickens. For more details, please see below or contact us at 888-609-5487!
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EZ-Fit 5x8 Chicken Coop (ez_chickencoop58)

Having some backyard raised chicken will give you a lot of benefits. It may look like you will have a lot of trouble raising them, but chickens are actually low-maintenance poultry animals. Unlike cats and dogs, the time demanded from raising chickens is average. Chickens are very self-sufficient and their basic necessities are food, water, shelter, and some ground to look for insects, worms, and other tasty treats. If you want to provide a great shelter for your chickens, the EZ-Fit Chicken Coops are highly recommended. With their very own Egg Collection Box, you can enjoy free-range and fresh eggs every day and your chickens will stay protected with the Predator-Resistant Wire Mesh. By having a coop in your backyard, you can also ensure that your chickens would not destroy the plants in your garden as well as not having to scoop their poop on your lawn. Note: Runners are not included. 


  • Egg Collection Box
  • Chicken Door & Ramp
  • Inside Roost
  • Predator-Resistant Wire Mesh
  • Man Door
  • 2 Windows
  • Standard Window color is white
  • 25- Year 3-Tab Shingles
  • Standard shingle color is dark brown
  • Moveable with Garden Tractor

Sidewall height: 5'
Overall Height: 95"
Windows: 2 - 24x36
Chicken per Coop: 18-22
Smartside Siding: Yes
Egg Collection Box: Yes
Chicken Door & Ramp: Yes
Inside Roost: Yes
Predator-Resistant Wire Mesh: Yes
Door Size: 20x56"
Floor Kit: Yes
23 Year 3-Tab Shingles: Yes

rating 5
J. Clark

Our chickens have a cozy haven now, complete with nesting boxes and comfortable perches. The durable construction gives us peace of mind, knowing it can withstand whatever Mother Nature throws at it.