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DuraMax Shelving Rack 3 Tier - Gray (86500)

DuraMax 3 Tier Shelving Rack - Gray (86500)

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For your industrial or household products we have the DuraMax Shelving Racks that is available in 3 tier, 4 tier and 5 tier! These will fit perfectly with your small storage needs and quality will never be an issue!
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DuraMax 3 Tier Shelving Rack - Gray (86500)

DuraMax now extends its storage range to aesthetically and efficiently designed shelving racks! These are available in 3 tier, 4 tier and 5 tier racks and they would be a perfect fit for any size space that you may have! Made from high standard and quality materials these shelving racks will be able to hold industrial or household products that can ensure a tidy indoor or outdoor space! If you're looking for something affordable without compromising the quality, these will fit perefectly with your small storage needs!


Base Dimensions: 35.4"W x 17.7"D x 38.6"H
Shipping Dimensions: 35.8"W x 18.1"D x 6.7"H
Weight: 12.78 lbs.