DuraMax SideMate 4x8 Vinyl Shed Kit (36625)
SideMate 4×8 vinyl shed (36625)
DuraMax SideMate 4x8 Vinyl Shed Kit (36625)
SideMate 4×8 vinyl shed (36625)

DuraMax SideMate 4x8 Vinyl Shed Kit w/ Foundation (36625)


If you’re looking for a storage shed where you can put it in any wall area. Sidemate Vinyl is the one you need. It will maximize storage space with its contemporary design that will beautify any backyard.


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DuraMax SideMate 4x8 Vinyl Shed Kit w/ Foundation (36625)

The Sidemate 4x8 vinyl shed is an outdoor storage solution designed to be placed on any side of your home and is maintenance-free. It is constructed of durable all-weather vinyl with its neutral ivory color. It is also fire retardant and the wall columns are reinforced with a solid metal structure, giving the vinyl shed a lot of strength and making it easy to hang shelves or garden tools inside. It eases the installation process, ensures a perfectly lined-up shed, and elevates your floor off the ground. With the foundation kit, you'll be able to build your shed the day you receive it.


  • Foundation framing kit included! (finish with plywood or concrete; not included)
  • Two vents included! Can be placed on any wall panel.
  • All-weather durable vinyl eliminates painting, treating, or maintenance.
  • Wall height ideal for most communities
  • Metal-reinforced wall columns for superior strength
  • Fire retardant
  • Easy installation in 3-4 hours (2 people recommended for installation)
  • Includes pad-lockable door handles.
  • 15-year limited warranty!

Reversible door can be mounted on either side of the storage shed!


  • Color:  Adobe
  • Exterior Length/Depth: 95.16
  • Exterior Height: 73.78
  • Exterior Width: 48.11
  • Interior Length/Depth: 92.24
  • Interior Width: 45.69
  • Interior Height: 63.39
  • Cu. Ft. of Space: 154.33
  • Door Height: 61.81
  • Door Width: 29.76
  • Weight: 200

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