Absco 4 x 3 Rectangle Garden Bed (AB1304)
Absco 4 x 3 Rectangle Garden Bed (AB1304)
Absco 4 x 3 Rectangle Garden Bed (AB1304)
Absco 4 x 3 Rectangle Garden Bed (AB1304)

Absco 4 x 3 Rectangle Garden Bed (AB1304)


No more space for your backyard for your your plants. The Rectangle Raised Garden Bed is right for your if you don't have more growing space. Its also less weeds and even young people who are interested in planting this is the best option you need. 


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Absco 4 x 3 Rectangle Garden Bed (AB1304)

Rectangle Raised Garden Bed could be a necessity for keeping neighbors happy. Raised beds also make pathways just a little bit easier to maintain because there’s a definitive line between the bed and the path. You can consider the raised beds as an investment in your health. Garden beds also provide ample drainage and the high sidewalls allow for deeper root growth. It's a neat, tidy and properly built gdaen bed can also enhance property and be a feature instead of an eyesore.


  • The innovative SNAPTiTE Assembly system dramatically reduces the time and effort required to assemble your product. 
  • Galvanized panels and ABS connectors are rust, rot, and mildew resistant, ensuring long-term usability
  • All raised garden beds have rolled safety edges for extra safety when gardening, making all products child-friendly once assembled
  • Beds are easy to disassemble for winter storage or when moving to a new location
  • 12” deep sides allow for deeper root growth promoting healthier and stronger plants
  • Modern woodland gray color will complement any backyard or patio setting
  • 10 Year Warranty


  • Length:  48
  • Width: 36
  • Height:  12
  • Product Weight: 18