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Little Cottage Company Colonial Gable Greenhouse Panelized kit 10x12 (10X10LCGWPNK)

Little Cottage Company Colonial Gable Greenhouse Panelized kit 10x12 (10X12 LCG-WPNK)


Tend your favorite flowers and herbs year around in the Little Cottage 10 x 12 ft. Colonial Gable Panelized Greenhouse Kit. 
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Customer Reviews

This greenhouse has a look inspired by the colonial homes of the Old American South. All the pieces are ready to be assembled; most of the pieces are precut, wall sections are already panelized, LP Smart siding and straight trim is prefastened onto wall panels, and the exterior trim and siding is 98% preprimed. The Dutch door creates a charming entrance to the greenhouse. The 18 x 23 in. single hung windows have half screens and can be opened for ventilation. Treated shelves line three sides of the greenhouse to elevate your colorful blooms. This Colonial Gable greenhouse is the perfect addition to your garden.

Product Description


- 2*4 wood wall framing 16'Ó on center OC
- 2*4 trusses 24'Ó on center (OC)
- 6" High side walls
- Treated shelves on 3 sides
- Sunsky Soft white corrugated polycarbonate roof
- 8x8 size comes with 25 _ 18x23 single hung windows with half screens and 12 _ 10x18 transoms
- 8x12 size comes with 33 _ 18x23 single hung windows with half screens and 16 _ 10x18 transoms
- Windows can be opened for ventilation
- LP Smart siding prefastened onto wall panels (insures panels are square)
- Panelized walls sections (not just precut) saves time in assembly
- Straight trim prefastened to panels (high quality composite material)
- All other parts are precut and ready to assemble
- 34*72 Adult dutch door with window and Colonial Hinges
- D-handle door latch
- High quality composite material corner trim
- Exterior trim and siding is 98% preprimed, interior not primed
- Hardware included to assemble (screws,latches,handles,nails)
- Link to excellent downloadable online manual with color picture

Weight: 1,900.00 LBS
Exterior Height (at peak): 122 inches
Interior Height (at peak): 103 inches
Sidewall Height: 76.5 inches