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Palram 8x28 Snap & Grow Hobby Greenhouse Kit - Silver (HG8028)

Palram - Canopia 8x28 Snap & Grow Hobby Greenhouse Kit - Silver (HG8028)


Looking for a greenhouse for your plants, flowers, or vegetables? This Snap & Grow 8x28 Silver Frame Hobby Greenhouse is the one for you. It features the SmartLock connector system. Heavy-duty aluminum frames assemble easily without a lot of hardware. For more details, please below or contact us at 888-609-5487! **
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Palram - Canopia 8x28 Snap & Grow Hobby Greenhouse Kit - Silver (HG8028)

Staying indoors during these trying times can really make us appreciate those simple things that we were not able to do so in the past. If you have become one of those individuals who recently discovered your love for gardening during your extended stay, make sure to snatch a much-needed greenhouse for your plant collection! You might think that you can simply plant them on the ground directly but for plants to thrive in their optimum potential, it needs a home that’ll nurture it. Grab the Palram Snap and Grow 8x28 Greenhouse Kit- Silver and make your plants bloom like never before! This greenhouse kit is best suited for those who are just starting to improve their gardening skills because this can easily be assembled in around 4-5 hours due to its rigid polypropylene SmartLock connectors that don't require screws. It also has smooth panels that slide into the locking tracks and all doors, as well as the vents, come pre-assembled and with weatherstripping. This is made tough and efficient with the clear, single-wall SnapGlas polycarbonate roof and wall panels (0.7mm) that are UV-protected with a 90% light transmission that is partnered with 6 adjustable roof vents making it the most favorable greenhouse for your plants. ThePalram Snap and Grow 8x28 Greenhouse Kit- Silver also comes with built-in aluminum rain gutters with plastic downspouts that will help with the drainage and capture of the rainwater for irrigation when used with an optional rain barrel and is also rated for a snow load of 15.4 lbs. per sq. ft. and a wind load of 56 mph when properly anchored (anchor bolts not included) so you should build it on top of a wood or concrete foundation as a base kit (not included). What more can you ask for? Buy one now for your beloved plant collection!


  • Crystal clear virtually unbreakable polycarbonate roof and walls panels that provide 100% UV protection and over 90% light transmission directly onto plants
  • Reinforced, doublewall & rust resistance aluminum frame
  • 224 sq feet growing space and 8.5' of headroom
  • Includes extra wide double doors, two adjustable roof vents & rain gutters
  • Wide roof, high walls 
  • Features Palram's SmartLock connectors, average set-up time four to six hours
  • The Snap & Grow 8' Series works with Palram's line of hobby greenhouse accessories to maximize space and a more productive growing season

Product Includes:
Four adjustable roof vents, rain gutters
Limited Warranty:
5 Years
24 x 8 x 9
Square Feet:
336" L x 98" W x 102.4" H Peak
Sidewall Height:
Door Opening:
45.7" W x 78.7" H
Total Package Weight:
381 Lbs
Roof Color:
Roof Material:
0.8mm Polycarbonate
Sides Material:
0.8mm Polycarbonate
Frame Color:
Frame Material:
Ship Method:
Small Parcel
Total Box Qty:
8 Boxes

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