Weego Jump Starter Charger (N44)

Weego 44 guarantees peace of mind and eliminates the need for jumper cables, bulky jumper packs or calling for a tow. Weego 44 is incredibly versatile – it jump starts, charges, powers and lights!

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The Swiss Army Knife Of Emergency Batteries
Traditional jumping takes a thumping with the all new, award-winning Weego Jump Starter 44. Designed and engineered in the USA for years of rugged and reliable use – Weego 44 is incredibly versatile. It JUMP STARTS any vehicle, car, truck, boat, motorcycle or ATV, with a gas engine up to 7L and diesel engine up to 3.5L. But it also fast CHARGES phones, tablets, laptops and other devices, POWERS 12V accessories and LIGHTS your way with a 500-lumen tactical led flashlight.
Designed For Everyone From Moms To Mechanics
Weego 44’s revolutionary, patented Smarty Clamps® ensure foolproof operation – even if you have never jumped before, you can’t make a mistake! The technology behind the Smarty Clamps® includes lights and sounds to walk you through a successful jump start every time. The clamps themselves have an innovative, extra-wide opening and jaws powered on both sides, ensuring the best connections possible. Full safety protections are built-in, including: anti-spark, reverse polarity, connection detection, over-heat and power surge protections. Smarty Clamps® easily make Weego 44 the safest, easiest and most reliable portable jump starter on the market.
Loaded With Value-Packed Features That You’ll Use Everyday
The portable, ergonomic design of Weego Jump Starter 44 makes it so versatile; it’s not just for emergencies – you can literally use it every day. It includes a super-bright, tactical 500-lumen flashlight that lasts up to 14 hours in standard flashlight mode and up to 28 hours in SOS and strobe modes. A hook and lanyard in the box also allows you to turn your Weego into a powerful work or camp light. Weego Jump Starter 44 features Detect-o-Matic™ super-quick USB-device charging that automatically charges your device at the fastest speed possible. And there’s a 19V port for charging most pc-based laptops and a 12V port for powering accessories. With an IP65 rating for water, dust and dirt resistance, it is perfect when using in marine, fishing, hunting, and trail-riding environments. Best of all, a minimal 3-hour charge gets you 3-years of standby power!
Built To Last
Independent lab certifications and continuous testing ensures consistent, best-in-class quality; each Weego Jump Starter 44 includes a top-quality, UL-listed lithium-ion battery for reliability and performance. We have a saying at Weego: Good Batteries Aren’t Cheap and Cheap Batteries Aren’t Good. This has never been more true with lithium-ion batteries. Don’t be fooled by no-name brands who don’t independently test and verify their products. Our specs are real, not made up & with no governing agency that verifies specifications and performance, you need to choose a brand that delivers on its promises. Our products are guaranteed to work when it matters most and they are backed by a crazy long 18-month warranty and dedicated, in-house, USA-based customer support for your assurance.


  • The “most popular” kid on the block, Weego 44 jump starts cars, trucks, boats, motorcycles, ATV/UTVs, & more with 7L gas and 3.5L diesel engines
  • Revolutionary, patented Smarty Clamps® ensure foolproof operation
  • Automatic safety protections & a series of lights and sounds walk you through a worry-free jump
  • Designed with extra-wide openings & power on both sides to ensure the best connection possible
  • Weego 44 can be used as a portable charger and flashlight
  • Detect-o-Matic™ USB charger automatically provides fastest charge to your phones, tablets & other USB devices
  • 19V port for PC based laptop charging
  • 12V port for powering accessories such as air compressors and fans
  • Built-in 500-lumen tactical flashlight that lasts up to 28 hours
  • Hook & lanyard turn Weego 44 into a work or camp light
  • IP65 certified for water, dust and dirt resistance
  • Staying power – 1000 charging cycles and up to 3 years of standby power on a single charge

Jump Starter 44 battery pack
Smarty Clamps®
Wall & Car chargers
Hook & Lanyard
Water-resistant carrying case
Owner’s manual & Quick Start Guide.
All packed in our super-fun Weego collectors’ tin – that’s right, it is a lunchbox!

Gas Engines: Up to 7L
Diesel Engines: Up to 3.5L
Battery Capacity: 41Wh
Battery Type: Lithium-Polymer
Volts: 12V
Starting/Peak Current: 200A/400A
Max Input: 15V/1A
Max Output: 5, 9, 12V/2.4A, 12V/10A, 19V/3.5A
USB Charging Ports: 1
Recharge Time: 3 Hours
LED indicator Lights: 5
Charging Cycles: Up to 1000
Operating Temp: -4F to 140F
Flashlight: 500 Lumen LED, Flashlight, Strobe & SOS
Dimensions: 6.5"x 3.375"x75"
Weight: 1.5 lbs
Warranty: Crazy Long 18-Month

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