Hathaway Sports Washers Toss Game Kit (BG3115)

The ultimate toss accuracy challenge for all skill levels! Excellent for a family get together or backyard party with friends!

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The Hathaway Sports Washer Toss Set is the ultimate way to test your tossing accuracy skills; this exciting game is designed for two to four players and is fun for all ages. Challenge your opponents by landing washers in the box, as your skills improve you will be able to dominate the competition by consistently landing your washer in the center pipe and maximizing your score. The two goal pieces easily combine and latch into one convenient box for quick storage and portability.

Product Features

  • Combined Game Size:11-3/4-in L x 11-3/4-in W x 8-in H
  • Individual Goal Size:11-3/4-in L x 11-3/4-in W x 4-in H
  • Material:  P2 Carb certified MDF goal boxes  covered in a wood grain melamine material
  • Construction grade white PVC center pipe Bull’s-Eye area
  • Goal area includes a soft EVA foam pad covered in a blue/red durable felt material
  • Includes 8 tossing washers (4 red,4 blue)
  • 4 quick clasp latches secures both goal boxes together for transport or storage
  • Rope carrying handles for easy mobility
  • Game rules included
  • 90 Day Warranty

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