Conquest 58-in Black Maple Cue & Case Set (BG50391)

Conquest 58-in Black Maple Cue & Case Set (BG50391)

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Includes a cue stick and a cue case.

Cue Case: 30.5 in. L x 3 in. Diameter; Cue Stick: 58 in.

Solid maple was used to make the two-piece cue stick. 

Stainless steel joinery ensures that the cue will be straight over its whole length. 

For maximum protection, the leatherette storage case is felt-lined. 

Any necessary accessories are kept in the zippered pocket.

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Conquest 58-in Black Maple Cue & Case Set(BG50391) 

The Conquest 58-in Maple Cue and Case Set will keep you permanently prepared for your next game. The useful equipment comes with a soft-sided case and a two-piece, 58-inch maple cue stick. The cue stick's no-wrap handle is made of solid maple and has a traditional appearance. Your cue is shielded during storage or transit by the lined case. Your pool equipment will have extra room in a zipped storage pocket, and a handy shoulder strap will free up your hands while you're out and about. Warranty period of 180 days.

The sports of pool, snooker, and carom billiards require a cue stick as a necessary piece of equipment. A ball, typically the cue ball, is struck with it. A cue is utilized to hit pool balls, causing them to travel around a table covered in cloth and bordered by elastic bumpers known as cushions in a variety of activities called "cue sports." Start with the fundamental shape of the tip of the pool cue, which is the component you use to strike the ball. Typically, compressed size is used to make the tip. A cue's end has it glued on.


Brand: Hathaway
Materials: Wood, PVC
Assembly Required: Yes
Assembly Time (min): 2
# of Each: 1
Choking Hazard: No

Conquest 58-in Black Maple Cue & Case Set(BG50391)

rating 5
L. Murphy

Very surprised with the quality of this cue. I expected much less but this thing plays as good as my Meucci no joke. Not as fancy of course but a great cue for any player or for a house stick. I bought 3 more for my home table. Great quality, not sure how it's this cheap. Even the ferrule is longer and quality tip is nice like my expensive cues. You won't regret getting one!