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Meyer Products LLC Super V3 8ft 6in Snow Plow (53650)

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Getting tired of using shovels to get rid of the snow on your driveway? This Super V3 8ft 6in snow plow will make your life easier and prevent you from getting injuries. For more details about this, please contact us at 888-609-5487!
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Meyer Products LLC Super V3 8ft 6in Snow Plow (53650) 

Shoveling is actually one of the normal activities that we do especially if we receive heavy snowfall in our driveway or property. But shoveling can cause us a lot of stress if we do it incorrectly. There are some ways that we can prevent ourselves from those injuries. This snow plows from Meyer can help you clear the snow around your driveway and keep you safe. This snowplows are easy to use since we just need to attach it to a vehicle, and the vehicle can do the job for us. Before choosing to buy a snow plow you need to consider the quality of the product. Our Meyer Snow Plows are made from steel materials that can perform and last for longer years. This Super Blade 8' to 6' Snow Plow is made for 3/4 ton and larger trucks that are engineered to move more snow, faster and with more control. With its pistol grip controller and wings, you can choose from a V, scoop or straight blade configuration with push-button ease. This snowplow will give you a safer nighttime plowing with its Nite Saber LED lights and has an industry-leading ground clearance for better stacking. Made from carbon steel, mount it up, and enjoy plowing.

Performance: It offers you unmatched versatility, comes with LED lights, and one-button pistol grip controller and dual-acting locking cylinders that give you ultimate control, forward and back.
Nite Saber LED lights: It will not just give you the best light during dark times but they also have a longer life expectancy and can consume less power. They are fully adjustable and iso-mounted to resist vibration.
Hands-Free Plowing: It features real-time diagnostics and a Hands-Free Plowing mode that lets you use the shift lever to control the up/down movement of the blade. The controller allows you to create any configuration with push-button. It has a double-click technology that will help you complete the move without you having to press any button.
Double-Acting Cylinders Knocks Out The Lock-Out: You can back drag snow with improved ease and efficiency. The blade position is locked whether you're plowing forward or backward when you set the angle to your desire.
Trip-Edge Design For Smooth Performance: No matter which configuration you choose, the lower portion of the blade will give way. They absorb and dissipate the shock so you don't lose the entire load or subject your truck, your plow and yourself.
Center Upper & Lower Deflectors For A Clear View & Clean Finish: It features an upper-sealed center deflector to keep snow and ice off your windshield. The center steel cutting edge eliminates snow trails left by ordinary V-plows.
Dura-Slick Paint With Teflon Powers Through More Snow, Faster: All Meyer snowplows are painted with Meyer Dura-Slick Paint. The snowplow is baked on to the steel for durability and better snow-rolling action. It plows throw snow farther and move it faster.

Blade Type: Bottom-Trip
Moldboard Length: 8'6"
Moldboard Height: 38.25"
Moldboard Gauge: 12
Vertical Ribs: 4
Cutting Edge: 1/2" x 6"
Average Width at Full Angle: 88"
Weight: 954 lbs.