Lifetime 80 gal. Compost Tumbler with How To Compost DVD (60058)

Create your own nourishing organic soil in your vegetable garden and flowerbeds with a Lifetime Composter. Constructed of lightweight black polyethylene plastic with a galvanized steel base. Designed with an extra large removable lid for easy access for loading and dumping. Composting DVD included!
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Why spend money on expensive fertilizers when you can create your own composting and reduce landfill waste as well? With a Lifetime Composter you can easily reduce, reuse, and recycle kitchen and garden waste into a rich organic soil conditioner. Compost helps retain the moisture in your soil and adds rich nutrients for healthy plants. The Lifetime Composter is designed with black, double-walled panels to absorb and retain the heat that decomposes the material. An internal aeration bar allows the flow of oxygen that is necessary to break down the material into a rich, black organic fertilizer for your garden. The lightweight 80 gallon tumbler easily turns on its axis for balanced rotation—saving you the time and effort of turning a compost heap with a pitchfork! The non-cylindrical design of the tumblers allows for more effective mixing of contents when rotated. You’ll also appreciate the extra large removable lid for easy filling and dumping. This composter has many advantages over an open compost heap. It contains unsightly scraps and their accompanying odors in an enclosed container that is inaccessable to pesky rodents and will not attract insects. This product does not contain BPA.

Model Number 60058
Material of Construction High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Plastic, Galvanized Steel
Total Dimensions Width 40 in. (1.01 m), Length 35.5 in. (90.17 cm), Height 43 in. (1.09 m)
Tumbler Capacity 80 gal. (302.8 liters), 10.72 cubic feet (0.303 cubic meters)
Aeration Tube Aluminum 1 in. diameter with ten 1/4 in. diameter holes
Composter Weight 57 lbs (25.85 kg)
Features Extra-large removable lid for easy filling and dumping
Includes How To instructions DVD on Composting
Warranty 5 yr. Limited Factory Warranty

California Residents: Click Here for Proposition 65 Warning

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