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Meyer Products Super Blade 8'-10' Snow Plow (53300)
Meyer Products Super Blade 8'-10' Snow Plow (53300)
Meyer Products Super Blade 8'-10' Snow Plow (53300)
Meyer Products Super Blade 8'-10' Snow Plow (53300)

Meyer Products Super Blade 8'-10' Snow Plow (53310)

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Getting tired of using shovels to get rid of the snow on your parking lot or extra large driveway? These snowplows will make your life easier and prevent you from getting injuries. For more details about this, please contact us at 888-609-5487!
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Meyer Products Super Blade 8'-10.5' Snow Plow (53310)

Before choosing to buy a snow plow you need to consider the quality of the product. Our Meyer Snow Plows are made from top grade steel materials that can perform and last for many years. This Super Blade 8' to 10' Snow Plow is made bigger and stronger than any of our other snow plows! You can expand from 8' to 10.5' and reverse, anywhere in between. It can extend as a pair or independently at your own command. It features a tubular pivot bar, with heavy-duty center support for added strength and reliability. Its wings are reinforced with ribs to let you take on the plowing jobs with few worries.

Performance: It features a full-trip moldboard, industry-leading ground clearance so there is less chance of bottoming out and allows higher stacking, Nite Saber LED lights, 32" high moldboard, 36" high outer adjustable flared wings and heavy-duty rams that you can take on your plowing jobs.
Nite Saber LED lights: It will not just give you the best light during dark times but they also have a longer life expectancy and can consume a less power. They are fully adjustable and iso-mounted to resist vibration.
Tallest Moldboard: With its 32" high moldboard and 36" outer adjustable wings, this snowplow will give you the unplowed uniquely.
Heavy-Duty Rams: The Super Blade angles using heavy-duty 2"x10" rams, and a 2"x9" lift ram that can lift the plow with ease.
Dura-Slic Paint with Teflon: All Meyer snowplows have a carbon steel moldboards that are painted with Dura-Slick Paint. They are baked on the steel for durability and better snow-rolling action.
Ease of Use: The Super Blade are easy to attach and detach in minutes with a simpler 2-plug electrical attachment. Its free-standing jack stand allows you to adjust the Super Blade's height and makes on/off easy in any condition.
Two-Piece Plug For Swift and Simple Connection: The Super Blade simplifies electrical connection/disconnection with a two-piece plug that is faster and easier.
Hands-Free Plowing: With its Push-Button, it allows you to move the wings in and out, and stop at any point. It also features real-time diagnostics, Hands-Free Plowing that lets you use the shift lever to control the up/down movement of the blade.  
System Diagnostics: Keep You In The Know In Real-Time: It keeps your rig on top by matching the controller's flashing light sequence to the chart on the back of the controller. It can easily and accurately isolate the issue so you can resolve it and get back to work.
Field Adjustable Trip Strings: It features six trip strings evenly spaced on the backside of the plow. They can be quickly and easily be adjusted wherever you are. No need for you to stop your work.

Blade Type: Full-Trip
Moldboard Length: 10'
Moldboard Height: 32"-34"
Moldboard Gauge: 12
Vertical Ribs: 9
Plow Trip Springs: 6
Cutting Edge: 1/2" x 6"
Average Width at Full Angle: 8'-10'9"
Angling Rams: 2" x 10"
Weight: 1175 lbs.

Meyer Products Super Blade 8'-10' Snow Plow (53300) This snowplow is made to be bigger for large snow area.