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Established in 1978, Handy Home Products is the leading manufacturer of ready-to-assemble DIY sheds and recreational building kits. We create beautiful buildings and outdoor structures that fit all backyard landscape designs, from DIY shed kits to greenhouse sheds and cedar gazebos. Our structures are engineered and tested to meet demanding wind and snow loads. Handy Home Products uses carefully selected lumber and high quality hardware to manufacture each structure. Additionally, we use LP® engineered wood siding to resist termites, rot and decay. To prove our commitment to quality, we offer the most comprehensive warranty in the business.

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Raised-panel grooves add an ornamental flair to these small window shutters from Handy Home Products. The mini window adornments are made with vinyl and will readily accept a coat of your favorite paint color for long-lasting appeal. This 2-pack includes one shutter for each side of a 24-1/2 in. H storage-shed window.

$29.95 $49.95

Paint these vinyl shutters any color to add a dash of sophistication to your storage shed. These 30-1/4 in. tall shutters from Handy Home Products come in a 2-pack and include fastening screws for quick, easy installation. The raised-panel design provides a hint of elegance and will instantly transform your storage building into an eye-catching structure.

$29.95 $49.95

Add that finishing touch to your storage building with this decorative flower box. Carved front panel adds distinction. Fully functional. Includes plastic liner. Paint to suit your decorative taste (paint sold separately).

$32.95 $49.95

Add a nice floral arrangement to this large flower box and beautify your Handy Home Products storage building or utility shed. It’s constructed with wood and lined with a plastic insert to guard against staining and rotting. A fresh coat of paint or stain is recommended to prolong its life.

$33.95 $59.95

Tap into nature’s bountiful sunshine and fresh air with this storage shed venting skylight from Handy Home Products. It’s 12 in. W x 12 in. D and fashioned with translucent polypropylene plastic in a stay-dry design that prevents water incursion. Leverage the luminescence of the sun and let your storage building breathe naturally with this nifty skylight...

$45.95 $99.95

Remove the stuffiness and darkness from your storage shed with this small square aluminum window from Handy Home Products. It operates as a normal window would, allowing sunlight and airflow into your structure with the protection of a screen to keep insects and leaves outside. It includes a template to cut a perfectly sized hole through the wall to...

$75.95 $99.95

Unleash your gazebo’s full appeal with this ornate flower box from Handy Home Products. Floral arrangements are a nice, easy way to enhance the beauty of your outdoor space, and this cedar holding box allows you to add some pizazz to your gazebo. It includes a plastic insert to protect the wood and is fashioned with an intricate carving on the front panel...

$79.95 $119.95

Allow light and ventilation into your shed and keep pests out with this large aluminum square window from Handy Home Products. Simply cut a hole in the storage building between the studs using the included template and screw into place and you’re in business. Tempered glass allows ambient light to seep in while a screen enables airflow and deters insects.

$85.95 $129.95

Easily maneuver riding mowers, golf carts, all-terrain vehicles, dirt bikes, wheelbarrows, hand carts, trailers, generators or anything with wheels into your storage shed with this two-pack of metal ramps from Handy Home Products. 

$99.95 $149.95

Install this wooden platform at knee height to use as a bench or install at waist height to use as a tabletop. The Handy Home Products add-on is 48 in. wide and designed for use with 10 ft., 12 ft. or 14 ft. gazebos. It’s constructed with long-lasting red cedar lumber and includes decorative corbels for mounting inside or outside the structure.

$99.95 $149.95

Keep temperatures from soaring in your garden house or solar shed with this four-pack of solar shades from Handy Home Products. 


Give your 8 ft. or 10 ft. storage building a distinctive rooftop look with this decorative cupola from Handy Home Products. This wooden structure includes all components needed for assembly, including a template that will allow you to snugly match the front and back panels to the angle of your roof.

$135.95 $199.95

Use the Handy Home Products Phoenix 8 ft. Cedar Bench to help provide storage space. This bench is made of pre-cut western cedar. The slats can be set flush with each other or set apart to help provide drainage and ventilation as necessary.


Top off your gazebo with the Handy Home Products San Marino 10 ft. Cupola. The cupola has an intricately carved cedar base. And a copper-colored metal roof.

$175.95 $249.95

Perch this decorative cupola atop a 12 ft. storage building from Handy Home Products for a distinctive look. All timber and hardware is included for assembly, taking the hassle out of locating, buying, measuring and constructing multiple components from scratch.

$194.95 $249.95

This finely constructed cedar cupola is the perfect topper for the San Marino 12 ft. gazebo from Handy Home Products. Each plank in the wooden octagonal base has ornate router grooves to convey a stylish look, while the copper-finish metal roof adds a hint of elegance. A custom-lathed finial points skyward, putting the finishing flair on your gazebo project.

$209.95 $299.95

Expel hot air as it rises in your storage building with this Phoenix Power Fan from Handy Home Products. It includes a thermostat to automatically regulate the fan’s operation once a desired temperature is reached.


Increase the decorative style of your gazebo with the Handy Home Products San Marino 10 ft. 2-Tier Gazebo Roof. This roof add-on is made of cedar and offers a metal cap with a wooden finial for an elegant design.

$449.95 $599.95

Add style and elegance to your gazebo with the Handy Home Products Monterey 10 ft. x 14 ft. 2-Tier Roof. The roof is crafted from tight-knot Western cedarwood and has a metal cap and wooden finials for a finished look. Includes a metal cap and wooden finials.

$749.95 $899.95

The Handy Home Products San Marino 12 ft. 2-Tier Gazebo Roof adds a decorative second roof layer to your gazebo. This roof tier is constructed of cedar and features a metal cap adorned with a wooden finial for added style.

$749.95 $899.95

Enclose your 10 ft. San Marino gazebo with this screen door kit to seal out insects, birds, lizards and other pesky creatures. Each panel is framed with western red cedar, which is naturally beautiful and resistant to rot and decay. All sections are preassembled with black fiberglass screens and arrive ready for installation using the included hardware....

$849.95 $999.95

This 8×8 shed is the ideal economical solution for storing your garden and power tools, or just to organize any extra items you have. The Kingston is a practical addition to any backyard at a sensible price. This 8 ft. wide gable-design building features 6 ft. high sidewalls and an 8 ft. high peak. Factory Direct Price!

$899.95 $1,099.95

Build on to your existing gazebo by installing the decorative Handy Home Products Monterey 12 ft. x 16 ft. 2-Tier Gazebo Roof. This roof tier features a metal cap and 2 wooden finials for added flair.

$929.95 $1,099.95

Enjoy the serenity of your Handy Home Products gazebo without having to incessantly swat away insects. This screen kit is tailor-made for a 10 ft. x 14 ft. Monterey gazebo or 12 ft. San Marino gazebo, easily assembling onto your existing structure. The panels are framed with rugged western red cedar and outfitted with removable black fiberglass screens to...

$969.95 $1,149.95
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