Avail the Memorial Day Sale on Our Newest Line of Arrow Sheds Now!

Avail the Memorial Day Sale on Our Newest Line of Arrow Sheds Now!

Growth is very important when it comes to handling a business. By keeping up with the demands of the consumers and following the ever-changing trends, is what makes a business outshine others. Arrow Brands is one of the well-known names in providing the most favorable sheds in the industry, especially when it comes to metal sheds and this was only possible through their thorough management of the product's constitution and standard. This 2021, KitSuperStore is proud to bring the Arrow Select Series All-Steel Sheds to the market with still the Lowest Prices + FREE Fast Shipping on all orders!

But first things first, what are the advantages of having a metal shed?

Metal sheds with high quality such as Arrow will last for a longer period of time compared to other sheds since it does not warp or rot like wooden sheds. Mold, or mildew will be the least of the owner's worries as well and it requires less maintenance. If it does get dirty, simply use a water hose or pressure washer to clean the surface. With the soaring prices of basic goods and necessities as well as different local materials, budget is a big variable when it comes to making a purchase, and choosing a metal shed among others will surely be a wise choice for quality and affordability!

Then out of all metal shed kits out there, why should one purchase a select series steel shed from Arrow?

The Arrow Select Series All-Steel Sheds are made to add color, life, and purpose to any backyard space. These tough Select Sheds are engineered with galvanized steel that is treated to provide long-term protection against corrosion and rust. It will also help the entire family exercise proper storage practices that will be very important to ensure safety inside every American home, especially with pets and the young ones running around. Arrow's Select Series Steel Storage Shed Kits will also ensure protection for landscaping equipment, tools, and gardening supplies, from the elements with the use of the smooth and hard-wearing Sherwin-Williams polyester paint finish that is not normally used in other metal shed units, making it a cut above the rest.

Worrying about storing tall equipment? There is no need for that because the 71 in. tall walls (varies from every shed model and size) will provide extra headroom, vertical storage space, and added entryway clearance. This is what makes the Arrow Select Series All-Steel Sheds great for storing tall items and anything that can be piled high. The high gable roof is also designed to prevent water from pooling, and debris from accumulating to make sure that the shed will stay in its tip-top shape!

For the security of the shed, its swing doors increase usable storage space and include integrated keyed brushed metal locking handles. The horizontal siding panels also give every shed a classy, upscale presence and adds to most backyard aesthetics. The Arrow Select Series All-Steel Sheds are available in 4 beautiful colors. In Charcoal, Flute Grey, Sage Green, and Blue Grey! A 12 Year Limited Warranty is included and these are proudly made and manufactured in the USA, with globally sourced material!

For more details, feel to contact our Customer Service Hotline at 888-609-5487! Make it a great day and Happy Shopping!




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