Introducing Our New Palmako Emma 8x7 Wood Cabin Kit!

Introducing Our New Palmako Emma 8x7 Wood Cabin Kit!

BIGGEST SALE ON Palmako Emma 8x7 Wood Cabin Kit (FR28-2622)(Discount: -$1,150.00)

If you have any desire to have your very own space in your home garden, the Palmako Emma 8x7 Lodge will suit you best. 

Palmako Emma 8*7 wood cabin Kit (FR28-2622) 

Having a lodge in your home garden permits you to partake in the landscape as well as the minutes you enjoy with yourself or with a unique somebody. For additional subtleties, if it's not too much trouble, reach us at 888-609-5487!

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BIGGEST SALE ON Palmako Emma 8x7 Wood Cabin Kit (FR28-2622)(Discount: -$1,150.00)

 This little lodge can be easily occupied by a couple of individuals and since this is a very space-accommodating lodge, this will doubtlessly be extremely helpful in any lawn setting. With its wall level, it will furnish you with a lot of headroom. Its walls are produced using thick and solid logs that give the lodge its solidarity safeguarding the occupants against the outside components. You can undoubtedly get to this lodge with the assistance of the single entryway and with the window it has, you can appreciate normal light entering the lodge.

Both entryway and window are of predominant quality and they are made with covered wood with weather conditions strips, round and hollow lock and handles, and movable entryway pivots. The Palmako Emma Lodge will be an incredible expansion to any outside living space so make certain to get yours while stocks last! Kindly note that the thing you will get will be a characteristic untreated wood tone and you should treat the wood or paint it.


5 years to ensure

Incorporates rooftop and planks of flooring with tongue and section

Standard floor included!

1 x Entryway *33" W x 71.5" H

1 x Window *30" W x 39" H

Wood Type: Nordic Tidy

Simple Gathering Development

Instant Wall and Rooftop Components

Logs with Chalet-Cut

Treated Establishment Joists

Treated Porch Sheets

Covered Door jamb

Low Entryway Ledge Covered with Hardened Steel

Genuine Glass

Slant and Turn Window

Window with Water Drain

Solid Posts from Covered Wood


Log Estimations: 102" x 87"

Volume: 360.2 cu ft

Rooftop Sheets: 3/4"

Rooftop Region: 79.7" sq. ft

Rooftop Angle: 13.7"

Gross Ground Region: 51.7 sq ft.

Entryway/Window Type: home garden

Entryway/Window Glass: Genuine Glass 5/32"

Window Estimation: 26" x 35 - 1/16"

Entryway Estimation: 28-3/4" x 68-7/8"

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